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Data Protection Law


A Data Protection Law was enacted in Panama by means of Law No. 81 of March 26, 2019, establishing the conditions for the use, protection and transference of personal data and the creation of a Personal Data Protection Council. Regarding the use of any personal data, the Law establishes that it is mandatory to have […]

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Tax evasion


On March 2, 2019, Law 70 of January 31, 2019 that adds articles to the Criminal Code by means of which tax evasion is described or typified as a crime in Panama, enters into force or effect. Chapter XII is added to Title VII of the Second Book of the Penal Code to describe for […]

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New SEM Law


On January 1, 2019, Law No. 57 of October 24, 2018, reformed the Special Regime for the Establishment and Operation of Multinational Company Headquarters (SEM) in Panama, by which, in essence, additional technical, financial and/or administrative services are added or expanded in the law, new parameters are set to be met by the SEM Licensing […]

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Factoring Contracts


Factoring contracts, whereby one party assigns its invoices, credits or receivables to a third party or factor in consideration of legal currency, are a common source of short-term financing in Panama. The activity of offering factoring services in Panama is not regulated and can be carried out by private companies that comply with the minimum license […]

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Selling a Business


The sale or transfer of a business establishment in Panama will not affect third parties unless made public via a 3-day notice publicized in a newspaper of the place where the business is located. The buyer of a business establishment should pay the purchase price no earlier than 30 days after the publication of the first […]

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Setting up a Business


Having expert and timely advice during the start-up stage of your business is essential for its success. This is especially when the business is located in a foreign country, where the laws and business practices and customs are different. Corporations and other Business Entities Even though our laws provide for the use of other business entities, such as […]

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Running a Business


Having expert and timely advice during the running stage of your business is essential for its success. Especially when the business is located in a country other than your own, where the laws and business practices and customs are different. Commercial Contracts When you agree to purchase from a supplier, usually, you accept their terms […]

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Panama Corporations


Two or more persons (called “subscribers”) of any nationality and with residence in any country may form a Panama Corporation by executing an Incorporation Charter (or Memorandum of Association). Traveling to Panama or going before a Panamanian Consul abroad is not necessary to form a Panama corporation. Two individuals domiciled in Panama may act as […]

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Buying Real Estate


Before signing a contract to purchase real estate in Panama, consideration should be given to the form in which title to the property will be held and to income or capital gains tax issues, estate planning issues and immigration issues that may be of interest. Neglecting to consider these issues can have regrettable consequences for […]

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Private Foundations


The law Private Foundations (“foundations” or “foundation”) in Panama came to life by means of Law No. 25 of 1995, based on the most part on Law No. 19 of 1926 of Liechtenstein, which popularized family and charity foundations in Europe. Definition A foundation is a legal entity that is created by means of a […]

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